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One World Day expands dramatically this year: Sunday, August 25, from 1 PM to 9 PM

July 27th, 2013

One World Day schedule in 2013 expands dramatically in terms of performances, food, beverages, as well as the ever popular naturalization ceremony for immigrants.  The main venues will be the Irish and African-American Gardens with many other Gardens have activities along East Blvd and MLK Jr. Drive.  Program kicks off at 1 PM with the parade of nations from the Irish to African-American Gardens.  At 2 PM the naturalization ceremony takes place in the African-American Garden.  At 3 PM a series of performing groups and entertainers takes over in the African-American, Irish, Greek and Italian Gardens.  Performances in the African-American and Irish Gardens will run until 9 PM, changing every 30-60 minutes.  At 3:30 PM the Serbian Cultural Garden will have the dedication of the latest Serbian cultural figure’s bust and at 4 PM the Poles will do the same in their Garden.  Hebrew, Hungarian, and Lithuanian Gardens will also host performances starting at 3 PM.  Many Gardens will be selling ethnic food.  And adjacent to the main stages you can buy food and beverages from food trucks.

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Lithuanian Garden’s Ongoing Restoration

November 28th, 2012

The newest restored feature in the Lithuanian Cultural Garden are the balusters on their renown rail overlooking MLK from the East Blvd level.  The stone rail is one of the finest examples in the Gardens, together with the Italian Garden’s similar rail.  All of the Cultural Gardens are constantly undergoing restoration by the nationality group that sponsors each and every one of them which in turn has lead to increased visits and interest in the Gardens.

New balusters--Lithuanian Garden's East Blvd level

New balusters--Lithuanian Garden's East Blvd level

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Lithuanian Flag and Pole appear on MLK Jr. Drive

November 28th, 2012

While the Lithuanian Cultural Garden has always had an impressive entrance, grand staircases, sign and other features on MLK Jr. Drive they have not had a flag and pole to call attention to their Garden on MLK.  The Lithuanian Cultural Garden committee rectified that recently with the addition of a pole and Lithuanian flag.  Thanks to the committee for their efforts as well as to the City of Cleveland’s Forestry department for pruning the trees around the pole so the flag can wave unfettered and in clear view.

New Lithuanian sign, flag and poles on MLK

New Lithuanian sign, flag and poles on MLK

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Lithuanian Cultural Garden’s 2010 Activity Report

February 27th, 2011

2010 Accomplishments:

  • Carried out the annual Spring clean-up, planting and re-planting of flowers and bushes
  • Maintained the flowers and the fountain through the year
  • Held the Garden’s annual “appreciation and membership drive” picnic
  • Carried out power wash and tuck-pointing of the upper level stone structures and tuck-pointing of the fountain

2011 Plans:

  • Clean up the bust of “Basanavicius” which has a “weeping” problem which is causing a discoloration of the base of the bust
  • Reconstruct the balusters of the balcony on the upper level of the Garden
  • Hold the Garden’s annual “appreciation and membership drive” picnic
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Technology: Mobile Walking Tours of the Gardens

September 17th, 2010

The Center for Public History + Digital Humanities (which developed and maintains is very proud to announce that on September 25th, at Cleveland’s Ingenuity Festival, we will be unveiling Mobile History Cleveland, an iPhone/iPad application that allows users to capture Cleveland’s history while walking, biking, or driving the city. Complete with oral histories, images, and text stories, it will be a phenomenal tour for teaching & learning about the city’s rich history. EVEN BETTER, we will include a brief walking tour of the Cultural Gardens that we will flesh out further this autumn. Indeed, imagine your next walk through the Gardens will be informed by oral history, photographs, and stories. Over the next several months, as we explore user experiences and understand this new platform better, as well as work to extend it from iPhones to Android, which will allow us reach more than half of all smartphone users.

During the winter, we will work to build the tour of the Gardens in collaboration with interested delegations from Federation.  By next spring, EVERY visitor to the Gardens with a smartphone will have a rich array of multimedia history available to them. We hope that you will join us in getting excited about these tours and help us make them a richer community resource.

Speaking of technology and design, we are updating the design of  Over the next month, at the request of many of you, as well as Bill Jones, we are revamping the site. We are making the content, especially photographs, more legible and easier to use. This is important for our users, whose profile differs from many folks using the web. Our readers tend to be older, somewhat less web savvy, but dedicated Internet users.  We appreciate your feedback and will continue to welcome it and incorporate it into the site. Every day, more than 100 people from all over the world come here to learn about the Gardens. We want to enhance that experience as best we can.

Finally, I should note that we are, as ever, indebted to our friend Bill Jones who uses this space to promote the Cultural Gardens and does a brilliant job at it. He is one of the best bloggers anywhere in the city.

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